Advanced VPS Control

In this tutorial we look at how you can access the SolusVM control panel from your account.

From within your account you have access to two different types of VPS control. The standard control allows you basic VPS actions such as reboot / shutdown / VNC and viewing graphs. You can also access a more advanced control panel which gives you greater control over your VPS. This guide will show you how to access this control panel.

From your services page you can select the VPS that you wish to control. You will see a page similar to the image below:

Advanced Control

From this page you can easily move to the more advanced control panel by clicking on the left Menu under "Actions" and clicking "Manage VPS"

Advanced Control

Once you've clicked Manage VPS it may take a few seconds to load the new control panel which will look similar to the image below:

Advanced Control

From here you have full control over your VPS including the ability to reinstall different Operating Systems.
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