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We're in the worlds best data centres

We're in the worlds best data centres

7323 servers currently online

  • New York
  • London
  • Manchester
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We invest heavily in the most robust hardware available ensuring we stay online without interruption. Our team regularly retires servers well before the end of life which maintains our impeccable record of reliability. All our systems are based on Supermicro Raided SSD with the with the world's best virtualization in KVM.

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We're plugged in 24/7

Our around-the-clock engineering team maintain our enormous bank of servers across the globe through sophisticated monitoring and reporting. If there’s ever a problem, we generally know about it before it happens and put measures in place to maintain the uptime and reliability of your VPS.

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24/7 Security

Only trust your VPS with a companies that have a record of keeping their clients data safe. Since our companies inception in 2012 we haven’t encountered a single data breach.

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Our servers feature redundant power to all racks, and networking equipment ensuring your VPS stays online consistently without interruption.

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We're Onsite

Once you place your order, your VPS will be operational within 60 seconds.

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Superior Network

Multi-tier network carriers interconnected across the globe for superior network performance

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All our VPS come with a 7 day money back guarantee